This week Scotty is in the Mile High City and chats about a surprising shake up at Disney, Mayo Slices, Gout, gets frustrated by geek hate and more 

This week Scotty talks about traumatic movies, the surprising career choice of Spielberg's Daughter, and chats with Bif Naked 

This week Scotty is coming to you from San Francisco, he talks about some dizzy spells he has been having, porn for the quarantined, Birds of Prey rev...View Details

This week Scotty discovers a website where you can get messages from a celebrity, that pet is a bad word, a Valentine's warning and more

This week Scotty talks about the tragic passing of Kobe Bryant, dealing with mental health issues, people think beer is causing a virus and more

This week Scotty pays tribute to Terry Jones of Monty Python, talks the baseball hall of fame, porn subtitles and much more 

This week Scotty recaps his first half marathon, talks candles that smell like vagina, the baseball cheating scandal ans more! 

This week Scotty has his final half marathon check in, talks about a judge that enjoyed getting off, geek news and more

This week Scotty talks about how he royally messed up with a Christmas gift, his Top 5 Movies of 2019, a celebrity on a dating app and more 

This week Scotty looks back on one year of the podcast, talks surprising web searches, some censored Christmas songs and more 

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